Why do I need Platinum Software maintenance?

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Do I already have a maintenance contract?

For all clients renting Platinum software on a monthly basis, software maintenance is automatically included in the rental price.

For clients purchasing the software outright, the first year's cover is included in the sale price. Beyond the first year a separate maintenance contract needs to be purchased annually in order to continue the benefits of software maintenance.

What Software Maintenance provides

  1. Hot line support and assistance in the event of a query with regards to how to use the software.
  2. Updates to the software as released.

Essentially Catalyst employs a support team to help our customers get the best from Platinum software. We also employ a development team to constantly improve and develop the software. Software maintenance covers both of these areas.

See the Catalyst team.

Why do I pay for maintenance?

  • Software maintenance costs money because the service costs money to provide.
  • Software maintenance provides ongoing customer support. This is available by telephone, e-mail. We provide "day to day" advice as to how to get the most from the software as well as help with specific problems or issues.
  • Platinum Software is continually developed and refined in order to become ever more useful, easier to use and to include new ideas and legislative changes. The product continually develops to take advantage of new ideas and new technology as these become available. This ensures that at all times you are always running the best software available. This means that it is never necessary to purchase a newer version of the product unlike many of our competitors.

What happens if I have lapsed Maintenance Cover and I wish to Renew it?

Catalyst are happy to do this at any time.

Obviously during the time that the contract has been lapsed Catalyst have not stopped developing the product. We have incurred expenses even whilst the contract was lapsed. We have not however incurred any costs from client support and are thus happy to waive any costs related to support during the lapse period. As soon as cover is renewed and the software updated, all of the features developed during the lapse period will immediately become available. As the benefits of this development time have been provided, we charge for the costs incurred. When lapsed cover is renewed we will charge 50% of the software maintenance charge for the lapse period to cover the costs of continuous software development during that time. Once you see the results however, we are confident you will agree this is a bargain.

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