Why is there a delay when I enter a part number?

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This article will explain why there may be a delay before bringing up details of certain items.

More Information

A delay may occur in the system when certain part numbers are used, for example, adding a part to a "Workshop Job" or selling a part to a customer through "Invoicing & Customer Orders". This usually occurs when the item has a large history, or if the item is frequently used.

What to Check

If it is a item that is being used frequently you will need to check whether or not this item has a stock quantity against it. In most cases, the item will have a large negative quantity. To check this you will need to:

  • Go to anywhere in the system where you can enter a Stock Code.
  • On the "Stock Code", enter your stock code and edit the item. This will take you into the properties of the stock item.
  • Press <F4> in order to see the stock quantity at depot. On this screen the figure we are interested in is "Quantity at Depot:".
  • The cause of the delay in the system will be a large negative number here. If the number here is not large then the cause of the slow down is due to a large stock history.

How to stop the Delays from occurring

There are two ways to stop the delays from occurring on the stock items that have negative stock.

The first method is to set the stock item not to have any movements. This will prevent any quantities being taken out of stock when sold. This method is typically used for non stocked items, e.g. Bulk Oil, Old Oil Disposal...

  • To set a item to be a "non mover" you will need to enter the stock properties. Using the same method as above <Shift+F10> on a stock code.
  • Then press <F4> to enter the screen that shows total stock quantity.
  • <Down Arrow> to the "Quantity at Depot:" change this to read '0'.
  • Press <Esc> and click [Accept].
  • Click on the Movements Tab.
  • Set the "Update quantity?" to 'No'.
  • Press <Esc>, then click [Accept].
Now when this item is sold, the system will not reduce the stock quantity and so your stock levels will never drop below zero. This will reduce the effects of slow down.

The second method is by adjusting the stock levels to be a positive quantity. Remember that parts that are frequently used (e.g. Bulk Oil) might need a large amount in stock, so as to reduce the number of times this needs to be repeated. Generally, check the quantity at the end of each month and adjust it as necessary.

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