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Our software updates are available to everyone with a current maintenance contract for their copy of Platinum Software. (Software Rentals include all software updates.)

  • You can easily check on how up to date your Platinum system is by checking here.
If you let your maintenance lapse you are missing out on our constant development process. See this list for the latest developments in Platinum.
These download instructions are written based on 'Microsoft Internet Explorer'. You may find slight differences in this procedure if you are using an alternative Browser e.g. In 'Mozilla FireFox' or 'Chrome' how\where your downloads are stored may differ from these instructions slightly.

Downloading Platinum

Use the " Help Software Support Download Latest Version" from within Platinum to get to this page.

Download Platinum
  • Click the Platinum icon to the left to download the latest version of our Platinum DMS.
  • Click [Save] then use the browser to choose "Desktop" (if you have previously downloaded an update you should first delete the icon called 'platwin.exe' from your desktop).
  • Click [Save].
  • The download should take anything between 10 seconds and 3 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection, and should be around 12Mb.
If the download takes a very short time (a couple of seconds), then you have a corrupted download and will need to download again.
Download Acceleration: Some download management or acceleration software may cause issues with file downloads. Please disable any download management software if you experience problems downloading the update.

Running the Update

Payroll Users

It is important if your system has Payroll installed and there has been a change to the Tax Rates mid way through the month, that your Platinum update should be run at the Start of a new payroll period in all cases except the Payroll Year end update.


VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION - To run an update from the downloaded file make sure ALL users including you are out of Platinum.
  • Double click the 'platwin.exe' icon on your desktop.
  • Click [Yes] to update your software.
  • When the update has finished choose [Close] then read the changes displayed on your screen.

Troubleshooting Warning Messages

There can be instances when running an update the system will give you can error message and stop you going any further until the issue is resolved. This section helps you solve the most common Platinum update issues.

Update Should be Run on Server PC

If you get a message when running the update headed "Platinum for Windows" that says "In order to update certain Platinum files, please run this update again on the server PC" it means the Platinum system needs to update\Convert some important Platinum files. As such this update will need to be ran on you Server\Main PC. (i.e. the PC where Platinum is stored). After the update is finished it is important you log into Platinum to trigger the conversion process, this will automatically start and can be left running, it can take some time depending on the size of the files in question.

Users logged in to Platinum

If you get any error messages referring to "Files in use" this means the system believes there are still people in Platinum.

Make sure no users have gone back into the system by using the " Reports & Parameters User Monitor Screen" option.

  • For more detailed help on how to do this click here.

What's New

Click here to see what's new in Platinum.

  • Use the RSS news feed on the 'What's New' page to keep up date with the latest developments in our software.
  • You can see the last ten modifications to Platinum from your login screen.


  • Download the WebDaemon to install or update your Web Daemon add-on service.

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