How do I connect to my Platinum Online?

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This article explains how to log into the Platinum Online system, where you are able to add images to your unit stock, workshop jobs and parts, perform stock enquiries and stock takes, pick sales orders, review your dashboards and run available reports and charts.

More Information

In order for you to be able to log into Platinum Online, you will need to have your Platinum up to date as of October 2013. All of the software necessary for Platinum Online is available free of charge for currently maintained or rented systems.

You will also require the Web Daemon to be installed and up to date. (For Platinum Online use you will not need to purchase additional Platinum modules.)

If you require assistance do not hesitate to Contact your Platinum dealer or our support team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website support contact page.

Logging into Platinum Online

Once you have set your Platinum Online password, click on " Help About Platinum" and make a note of the "Online ID". This will be in the format 'AAA@9999', where 'AAA' represents your User Code (normally your initials) and '9999' is your Company ID (allocated to your company by us). You will need these credentials to log into Platinum Online.

Open your web browser and go to Platinum Online.

  • In the "Online ID" field, enter your 'Online ID'.
  • In the "Password" field, enter your Platinum Online password and click [Log in].
  • Click the [Menu] button at the top left to see a list of available options.
    • The Platinum Online options available will be defined by those that you have available in Platinum, so if you want to perform a stock enquiry, you must have access to Stock Enquiries in Platinum. Security controls in Platinum apply in your online copy of Platinum, so for example you will only have access to cost prices in Platinum Online if you have access to cost prices in Platinum.
    • For details on setting up user security, see How do I Set Up User Security in Platinum?

See What browser should I be using with Platinum Online?

User sessions

Any number of instances of Platinum Online may log in but when a menu option is chosen a check is carried out to see if there is an available session. This is based on the number of licences held by the company.

  • If there are no free sessions it checks to see if that user had a session which was last active more than 5 minutes ago. This is effectively closed and the user allowed in again.
  • If there are no free sessions and the user has no active or inactive sessions it then looks for any other users inactive for more than 10 minutes and closes their session. The user is then allowed in on a new session.
  • If there are no available sessions then the user cannot access the menu option.
  • If a session hasn't been used for 2 hours, or has been kicked out by another session as described above, then that session will be logged out and forced to log in again the next time it is used.
  • If you frequently find you are clashing sessions then you may not have enough licences for the number of staff members wanting to use Platinum Online. Contact your Platinum dealer or our sales team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website sales contact page for advice on purchasing additional licences.

Offline devices

Devices that are offline are unable to perform a live check. In this case an offline device will always be able to access an option that doesn't require constant internet connection (e.g. Workshop Technician Activity and Logistics Driver Activity).

The activity and all entered data will be stored on the device and then sent to the live system automatically whenever an internet connection is restored, assuming Platinum Online is still running.

Once all offline data has been sent, then if the current session has expired or been "kicked out" as described above then it will be logged out and forced to log in again.

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