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This article explains how to create a new stock status and assign them to a stock code in Stock Control.

More Information

Adding a stock status to stock codes can be helpful for reporting, searching, stock take and pricing purposes, e.g. OBS - 'Obsolete Stock'.

Go to " Stock Control Add or Edit Stock Items".

  • On "Filter on:" either type in part of a stock code or a description and press <Enter> to find an existing stock code.
    • Press <F5> or click [Edit] to enter the Stock Properties.
    • Click on the "Status:" box.
  • Type a 'unique' character code that relates to the status you require.
    The code can be up to 3 characters in length and should be alphanumeric.
  • Press <Shift+F10>. This will take you to the Stock Status Properties.
  • Type in a 'Description' for the status.
  • You will also see "Text:" and "Background:" tick boxes where you can assign colours for your status. These are optional but useful in most cases.
Try to use contrasting colours (e.g. - Black text on a yellow background.
  • If this status is to be stamped as being "Historic:", you will need to click on the [Settings] tab and set "Historic:" as 'Yes'.
Stock items marked with a historic status will not be listed in searches for stock lines in the sales areas of the software. The purpose of this feature is to discourage the sale of stock items which are obsolete or otherwise no longer sold.
  • Click [Done] and click [Accept] to create the new status.
  • This will now show the 'Description' of the Stock Status in the "Status:" field in the Stock Properties.
  • Click [Done] and [Accept].

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