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If you need to post Sales Ledger invoices but do not require a printed invoice, this article explains how to create such a posting.

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This should not be a common occurrence, but the circumstances where this might be necessary would be where you have a separate invoicing package and need to update the accounting system, or where you have a customer who creates self-billing invoices.

Go to " Sales Ledger Sales Ledger Postings".

  • Move to "Doc Type:".
  • Select 'Invoice' to post an 'Invoice', or 'Credit' to post a 'Credit Note'. Only when you are setting up the system from scratch should you need to use 'Opening Balance' for Opening Balance.
  • At "Account:", type in the customer's account code if known, or search for a customer.
  • At "Doc No:" enter the invoice or credit note number.
This field is 8 characters long so if the number you have is longer than this, make sure you enter the last 8 characters only.
  • At "Date", enter the date shown on the document, or the relevant tax point date.
If this is a late invoice and you have already closed the month to which it relates, post it with a date of the 1st of the next month you are going to close.
  • At "Comment:", enter a description that relates to the invoice you are posting. This is what you will see when you view "Customer History" so it should be used to identify the nature of the transaction, e.g. 'UNITS', 'PARTS', 'PETROL' or you could enter an Order Number (Maximum of 15 characters).
If you leave this blank, the system will default the customer code and invoice number here.
  • The Payment section of the screen is there should you have been paid for the invoice on the same day. Simply add the payment centre as normal and add a comment should you require one (e.g. cheque no).
Leave the "Payment Centre" and its associated comment blank if the invoice has not been paid.
  • Move to the Values section at the lower left part of the screen. Here you can enter the Nett amount at V.A.T. Rate 1 (Current Standard Rate), and the program will calculate the V.A.T. on top for you.
Check that the V.A.T. shows the same figure as the invoice or credit note. Occasionally you will see small differences, but make sure that you change the V.A.T. figure to agree to that on the document.
If the invoice has Settlement Discount on it then the V.A.T. will be the appropriate amount depending on the Settlement percentage. Carry on filling in the Net amounts at any other applicable V.A.T. Rates. When you have finished check the total amounts agree to the invoice.
  • At "Sales Centre:", enter the Sales Centre to which to code the total nett value, or search for the sales centre, or if the nett value is applicable to more than one centre, press <F2> and split the nett value around the relevant centres.
  • Check that the invoice total, nett and V.A.T. values are correct.
  • On the lower right hand side of your screen is the Sales Ledger Number (In the "Ledger No:" field), which is the unique transaction reference for this invoice. Write this number on the actual invoice as your reminder that it has been posted on the system, and so that you can find it easily.
  • Finally once you are happy with the posting press <Esc> then [Accept] to save the posting and move onto the next.

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