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Layout Tokens

Tokens are indicated by the character '~' followed by a number (the token identifier).

These identifiers may be up to 3 digits in length in the range 1 to 999. Tokens each have specific uses, which are listed below.


Some tokens may also be given parameters. The number of parameters vary for each token. To specify a token with parameters the token must be followed by a comma then parameter. Each parameter is similarly divided from the next by a comma (no terminating comma is required).

Document Areas

For the purposes of configuration, the document layouts are divided into 3 main areas: "Headings", "Body" & "Footings".

Area Tokens

~100 Configuration Section Start
~199 Configuration Section End
~200 Heading Block (First Page) Start
~299 Heading Block (First Page) End
~300 Heading Block (Continuation) Start
~399 Heading Block (Continuation) End
~400 Footing Block (Continuation) Start
~499 Footing Block (Continuation) End
~500 Footing Block (Last Page) Start
~599 Footing Block (Last Page) End
~600 Body Block Start
~699 Body Block End


General Tokens

These can appear in either Headers or Footers.

(30 characters)
Account Address Line 1
(30 characters)
Account Address Line 2
(30 characters)
Account Address Line 3
(30 characters)
Account Address Line 4
(30 characters)
Account Address Line 5
(30 characters)
Company Name
~7,n Telephone Number
n = 0
(15 characters)
Telephone Number.
n = 1
(20 characters)
Mobile Number.
(15 characters)
Fax Number
(6 characters)
Customer Code
(10 characters)
Today's Date
(30 characters)
Notes 1
(30 characters)
Notes 2
~74,"x" Copy specified file to output

Will copy the filename given after the token to the printer.

This token must be on a line of its own.
Filename to output.

Configuration Tokens

Document Configuration

~111,n Line Skip
n = 0
No Line Skip.
n = 1
Line Skip between Items.
~112,n Heading Block
n => 1
The line to start printing.
~113,n,m Body Block
The line to start printing.
Depth (Number of lines to print).
~114,n Footing Block
The line to start printing.
~115,n Form Length
Number of Lines per Page.

Body Block

General Information

'~6nn,1' where '~6nn' represents an item, described below, which you wish to be printed in the document body.

All have one parameter.

Parm 1 - 'n'
Column Position across from the left of the page.

Body Tokens

(15 characters)
Serial Number
(30 characters)
(8 characters)
Sequence Number

Print Style Tokens

The following print style codes must have 3 spaces after them as these codes always 6 characters wide.

(6 characters)
(6 characters)
(6 characters)
(6 characters)
(6 characters)
Double Strike On
(6 characters)
Double Strike Off
(6 characters)
Paper Forward
(6 characters)
Paper Backward
(up to 32 characters)
Insert print style

This print style code doesn't need any spaces after it as it will the width of the print code to insert.

n = 1 -> 999
Corresponds to the print code ID in the "Print Code Amendments".

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