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The following article explains how to get started with our Payroll module.

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Initial Payroll setup

When Payroll is first installed there are a few details that need to be entered to ensure the system is working correctly.

Entering your Government Gateway Information

To allow the system to submit the Payroll information to HMRC under RTI, your Government Gateway information needs to be entered. Click here for an article on how to enter this.

Setting up Payment Defaults

To make setting up your employees easier it is important to enter the correct Payment Details on the system so they get stamped on the employees you create. Clicking here will take you to a page with help on how to do this.

Setting up a Pension Scheme

You should already have subscribed to an Auto Enrolment scheme and may offer your own scheme. This article explains how to enter the correct information. Contact your pension provider for advice if you are unsure of the specifics for the scheme you are using.

Getting up General Payroll Settings

The final part of the background setup is to set up your Tax Office, PAYE and Corporation Tax or Self Assessment reference details in the system. Clicking here will help you with this.

Setting up Adjustments/Attachments to Pay

You should enter any specific pay adjustments for your company e.g. Nights Out, Bonus, Sales Ledger Deductions. Also any attachments of earnings e.g. Student Loans.

See How do I set up payroll adjustments? and How do I set up payroll attachments?.

Setting up Departments

Before setting up any employees in the next step you may want to set up separate departments in your company. This helps when running reports should you ever need to split the figures in this way. Clicking here will take you to a page to help with this.

Setting up Employees

Setting up employees in Platinum is a straightforward exercise and once done, many of the payroll details will be filled in automatically making running your payroll periods simple. Clicking here will help with creating your staff.

Running Your First Payroll Period

Once all the setup is done you are ready to ready to run your payroll. This article explains how to do so.

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