How do I add header and/or footer text to documents?

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This article explains how to add text to Platinum documents. You may want to add extra comments to your Platinum documents, such as V.A.T. Registration number, terms and conditions, opening times for holiday periods, other notes or even "Sale Now on!".

More Information

  • Press <Alt+P> from anywhere in Platinum.
  • Press <Shift+F10> to edit the required print record number.
  • Press <Shift+F5> to take you into the Headers and Footers screen.

Here you can enter 2 lines of heading text (Header 1 and 2) and 3 lines of footing text (Footer 1, 2 and 3). Although each Header and Footer has 2 lines for text on it, the text will continue all the way across the page of the document once it prints. If you are halfway through a word at the end of the first line, simply continue it on the second and Platinum will "stitch" the Lines together.

The "Start Code" and "End Code" underneath each Header and Footer control the print style of text.

The start codes are as follows:

  • 001 Expand - Doubles the Width of each letter
  • 003 Compress - Halves the width of each
  • 005 Enhance - Makes text bold
  • 026 Italic On - Makes text italic

The above codes must have their related end code in the "End Code" field so that lines printed after the Header or Footer are not affected by the change in style of text.

The end codes are as follows:

  • 002 Un-Expand
  • 004 Un-Compress
  • 006 Un-Enhance
  • 027 Italic Off

Press <Esc> twice when you have entered the text that you want, and press <Enter> to accept the changes. Press <Esc> to exit from the "Print Record" option.

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