How do I adjust the date on a transaction?

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This article explains how to adjust the date on a Sales Ledger or Purchase Ledger transaction.

More Information

If you post a Sales Ledger or Purchase Ledger document with the wrong date, in most instances you can amend the date without having to reverse the transaction and re-post it.

This does NOT apply to invoices or credit notes that you have printed - these must be reversed and re-printed.
The ability to edit transactions is limited to users with the "Adjust transactions" user permission set to 'Yes'. You can find out how to set user permissions here.

Go into " Sales Ledger/Purchase Ledger Customer/Supplier History".

  • At "Account:" enter the code of the customer or supplier account.
  • Highlight the transaction you want to correct on the list.
  • Press [Edit] or <Ctrl+F2> to edit the transaction.
  • At "Date:", enter the corrected date.
  • You can also edit these fields:
    • "Centre:"
    • "Analysis:"
    • "Comment:"
    • "Cleardown Hold:"
    • "Site:"
This option is only allowed if the transactions have not been processed through a month end.

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