How do I put a customer\supplier invoice on hold?

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This article explains how you can prevent invoices being paid in Sales Ledger Receipts or Purchase Ledger Payments where there are queries to be resolved.

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Go to " Sales Ledger Receipts" or " Purchase Ledger Payments".

  • Enter the "Customer" or "Supplier" Account Code or search for their account code.
  • Enter a specific "Document" number and click [Select] or click [Select] to bring up all outstanding documents.
  • Move to the Document that you want to put on hold and press <Shift+F2>.
  • If there are no hold records against the document click [OK].
  • Press <F6> or click [Add] to add a document hold.
  • Check the "Held Amount" is correct. The system will default to the outstanding document balance.
  • Enter an "Expiry Date" if you would like the system to remove the hold record for you at a given date.
If you leave this date blank the document will be left on hold for an indefinite period. You will only be able to pay it by manually entering the amount to pay but will be warned that you are 'Paying a Held Document'. To remove the hold record see this article.
  • Enter a "Note" as to why you are putting the document on hold, if required.
    • If you wish to record additional notes click on the [Notes] tab.
  • Press [Done] and click [Accept].

To remove a hold record see How do I take a customer\supplier invoice off hold?.

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