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Your report from the Report Generator only has one line on it... and you were expecting more information.

More Information

The Report Generator has two phases to it, the first gathers data, the second sorts and creates your output.


  • Check all 3 range screens, do they limit the information are required.
    • Do your ranges restrict your output to one line?

Try removing items from your range, does the report still have one line on it?


  • Is your "Sort Order" unique?
    • Any duplicate entries will be ignored after the first one. i.e. If your sort order had an account code and transaction date, the second, third etc entries on that account for the same day would be discarded.
    • Use 'D99' to force a unique sort order.
  • Have you entered your columns as "Headings" in group 0, instead of "Body Items"?
    • Headings are only output after each "Sort Order" entry is changed (Heading Group 0 is always output first).
  • Have you got a "Line logic filter" on one of your columns limiting your output?

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