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This article explains what you need to do before, during and after the last period of your tax year.


Please read through this guide now as there are certain procedures you need to follow sooner rather than later:

  • Order P60 stationery from the Inland Revenue.
  • Install a Pre-Year End Software Update on Platinum.

Prior to the Year End

Order P60 Stationery from the Inland Revenue

  • If you have a laser or inkjet printer :
P60 (SingleSheet/Shortened) (2018-2019) - Certificate of Pay. For manual completion or with a Laser Printer.
  • If you have a dot matrix printer using continuous paper :
P60(Continuous)(2018-2019) - Certificate of Pay. For use with a Continuous Printer.

Click here for a direct link to the HMRC Online Employer Online Order form.

The Inland Revenue advise it will take at least 7 days for delivery.

Update your Platinum system

Before printing your P60's you will need to run a Platinum Software update. This ensures your system has the current P60 layout and any amendments to the way information is submitted for the year end. This will be available from 6th March 2019.

This is not the update that will move you into the new tax year.
  • Click here for instructions on downloading and running the update.

Last Payroll Period

Complete your final payroll period for 2018-2019 and file your FPS as normal.

Week 53? - If you intend to pay your employees on Friday 5th April 2019 and you pay Weekly then you will be in the position to run a Week 53. Process and close this period as usual before submitting the year end information.

If you do not need to run a Week 53 please ignore this period. DO NOT close it. If you are unsure please contact HMRC to enquire if you need to run a week 53.

WARNING: If there is some reason why you cannot file your FPS on or before the pay date for your final period, please note this MUST be submitted BEFORE 19th APRIL 2019 as HMRC do not accept 2018-19 FPS filings after this date.

Final Reports

  • Print a P11 for each employee to keep for your records. It is worth checking the figures shown before producing your P60's in case you need to correct any errors.
  • Print the Employee Tax NI and Summary report to provide a check against the Tax and NI paid by each employee over the year (this used to be referred to as the P35). Your final EPS Submission replaces the P35 in sending data to HMRC.
  • Print Employee P60s. These must be issued to all employees still in your employment at April 5th (they must be given to the employees by 31st May 2019).

Go to " Payroll End of Year Payroll Routines".

Note: For your P11 and P35 reports, you could print these to PDF instead of paper for archive purposes. We would recommend that if you do this, the files should be copied along with the backup mentioned below onto a memory stick or another machine for safe keeping.


  • Make sure there is plain paper in your printer.
  • Click 'P11 Current Tax Year - 2019' then click [Start] to print. This will print a P11 for every employee who has been included in your payroll for the year. Keep these for your records.

Employee Tax NI and Summary (P35 Substitute)

  • Click 'Employee Tax and NI Summary'.
  • Check the value in the 'NIC's' column on the Employee Tax and NI Summary agrees to the value in the 'NI Details' line under the 'Total Cont'ions' column on each employee's P11.
  • Check the value in the 'Income Tax' column on the Employee Tax and NI Summary agrees to the right hand value in the 'PAY Details''This Employment' on each employee's P11.
  • Check the total NIC's and Tax paid on the Employee Tax and NI Summary.
  • As a final check, you can log into your gateway account and check the HMRC totals against this report to ensure that they reconcile.
Contact your Platinum dealer or our support team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website support contact page if you find any discrepancies at this stage and are unsure how to correct them.

P60 Forms

Load the P60 stationery into your printer.

  • Click 'P60 End of Year Cert. - 2019'.
  • Press <F1> to select the first employee on record and press <Enter>.
  • Press <F1> twice to select the second employee on record.
  • If you have a Laser/Inkjet Printer
    • Set "Windows Printing" to 'Yes' and enter '3' for the "Left Adjustment" and '20' for the "Top Adjustment".
  • If you have a Dot Matrix Printer
    • Make sure the top of the printer head lines up with the top of the paper.
    • Set the "Form Length (Lines)" to '66' and the "Windows Printing" to 'No'.
  • Click [Start] to print.
  • From this test print, check that you have correctly lined up the paper in your printer.
  • If so click 'P60 End of Year Cert. - 2019' report again. Leave the employee fields blank to print for all elevant employees.
  • Click [Start] to print.
  • Distribute these to all employees still in your employment at the end of the tax year. Do not send them to any employees who have left your employment.
When you are happy with the reports you have produced above, you may move into the new tax year.

Moving into the New Tax Year 2019/2020

A Platinum Software update containing the changes for the tax year 2019/2020 will be ready for download from 18th March 2019.
  • Take a backup of your system. We suggest you label it "PAYROLL YEAR END 2018/2019 and set it aside from your usual backup - Contact your Platinum dealer or our support team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website support contact page if you need further assistance.
  • Run a Platinum Update to move the payroll into the new tax year, this is done as follows:
    • Download a Platinum Update following the instructions in the article. Note the location your system saves the 'Platwin.exe' file to.
    • Find the 'Platwin.exe' file and double click it.
As you are going through the update process, please make sure you read each information/message box carefully. If in doubt choose [No] or [Cancel] to abort the update. Contact your Platinum dealer or our support team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website support contact page if you are unsure how to proceed at any stage of the update.
    • Choose [No] at the first screen that says "Welcome to the Platinum Setup Wizard".
  • On the list of options, click "Move Payroll on to the 2019-2020 Tax Year" - a tick will appear in the little box.
  • Click 'Next'.
  • Read the warning box that appears and click [Yes] or [No] as appropriate ([No] will abort the update).
If you haven't printed all your year end reports choose [No] to cancel the update. Go into those companies and finish the year end.

Once you confirm the update, your system will be moved forward into the new payroll tax year. This will also install any changes to the Statutory Pay and National Insurance Bands as per HMRC guidance.

This WILL NOT alter your employee's tax codes. You must carry out this change manually: see below.

Altering Employee Tax Codes

Once you have moved your year forward, you will need to update your employee tax codes.

See How do I change a tax code?.

Increasing Automatic Enrolment Contributions

You should have been notified by your pension company of the increase of automatic enrolment contributions.

It is your responsibility to input this increase into Platinum Payroll. The year end update will not carry out this change for you.

Please see How do I setup a Pension Scheme in Platinum? for further instructions.

Send the Final EPS to HMRC

You may carry out this process before or after you have moved into the new tax year. You must have closed your final payroll period for the tax year.

The EPS must be submitted by 19th May 2019.

Go to " Payroll End of Year Payroll Routines".

  • Click [Employer Payment Summary]
  • Click " View or Submit Final 20**/** EPS".
  • At the bottom of the box is a drop down list of periods.
  • Select " 2018/2019 Final Submission for the year".

Check the values shown agree to the payments and deductions you made to HMRC for the 2018/2019 Tax Year.

You will need to calculate the total actual amount that you have paid to HMRC over the year relevant to your payroll. Do NOT just copy the figures from your P35 - check that the amounts you actually paid from your bank account agree to your reports. This allows you to check that you have included Student Loan deductions, Employment Allowance (if you are eligible) and any SMP/SAP/SPP compensation to which you may be due.
  • Fill in the relevant amounts in the fields available to you. You may press <F11> on any field for an explanation of the information shown.
    • For most people, this will involve filling in the "NICs and Tax paid already" field based on the results of your check on payments made this year.
  • Leave any that don't apply set to £0.00.
  • Click [Next].
  • If you are taken to a [Checklist] tab, please answer the questions shown.
  • On the [Declaration] tab, please complete the required information.
  • Click [Submit] to send the final return to HMRC.

Please read the section below on submissions:

Types of Submission

When submitting you may choose to send a Test before submitting your live return.

  • Depending on which type of submission you are making, click the drop down key and choose [Live Submission] or [Test Submission].


  • You may return a test submission, which will be checked by the Inland Revenue to make sure some of the information is accurate. It will not completely verify your return but it will check details such as:
  • Whether the Employee Names, Tax Codes & NI numbers are correct and acceptable.
  • You will get a reply from this test, which will tell you if any details are inaccurate or need to be altered. If so please make the necessary changes. You may submit as many tests as you like.

If you have submitted a test return, please wait for the response to it before trying to submit your live return.


  • Once you have sent the final live return, you will no longer be able to make any changes to the return. You must not submit more than one live return.
  • Click [Submit] to proceed.

What happens next

The software will now start to send your return. The time it takes to send and get a response to your return is entirely down to HMRC. You will receive a message on screen telling you if your return has been successful and you will receive an email to the address you specified.

If the submission appears to be taking a long time please click here. HMRC will post a message on their site if they are experiencing specific issues receiving submissions. If your return is taking a long time please be patient as HMRC is likely to be inundated with returns. You have until 19th May to return these figures but we would advise you don't leave it until the last minute!

If the return is taking a long time you may click [Stop]. The system will carry on awaiting a reply to the submission. You may continue to use Platinum as normal whilst this is in progress.

To check the status of the submission:

  • Go to " Payroll End of Year Payroll Returns Employer Payment Summary".
  • Choose " Check 2018/2019 EPS Status".

Unsuccessful Returns

If you have an unsuccessful return you will be given a response message telling you why the submission wasn't successful. Please read the message then try to resolve the problem. If you cannot resolve the problem please Contact your Platinum dealer or our support team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website support contact page. Once a problem has been resolved you can submit the return making sure you fill in the declaration fields again.

After a Successful Return

If after a successful return you find you need to adjust any figures you may need to complete an Earlier Year Update. Platinum cannot submit an EYU so please use the service provided by the HMRC website.

If a P60 figure for an employee was £100.13 and should have been £10.13 your amendment would be £90.00.

If you experience any problems please Contact your Platinum dealer or our support team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website support contact page for help with Platinum Payroll or contact HMRC for advice on incorrect figures and submitting an EYU.

Key Dates & Year End Check List

Key & Useful Dates

Payroll Week 53
If your pay date for week 52 falls on 29th March you WILL need to run a Week 53.
5th April
End of current Tax Year.
6th April
Start of next Tax Year.
Increase of Automatic Enrolment contributions. You are responsible for inputting this change.
Amendment of Employee Tax Codes.
19th April
Deadline for submission of final FPS
Final Payment to the Inland Revenue for the Previous Tax year.
19th May
Deadline for submission of final EPS
Deadline for P11D's to be submitted to the Inland Revenue.
31st May
P60 forms must be given to employees by this date.

Year End Check List

  • Order P60 Stationery from Inland Revenue.
  • Download and run a Platinum Software Update.
  • Complete and Close Week 52/Month 12 (or WK53 if applicable).
  • Take a backup of Platinum.
  • Print all necessary reports:
    • P11
    • P35
    • P60's
  • Download a Platinum Software Update - follow steps to move into the new tax year.
  • Update Employee Tax Codes.
  • Increase Pension contributions.
  • File final EPS - Employer Payment Summary.
  • Hand out P60s to all employees in your employment as at 5th April.

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