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To provide our customers with the best possible software and service, Catalyst asks customers to help improve Platinum by providing diagnostic and usage information. Catalyst will not share this information with any third party (see our privacy policy) and will use the information for post crash analysis of its Platinum Software. This helps Catalyst to conform to industry best practice.

More Information

What is shared

  • The state of Desktop Platinum at a 'Run-Time Event' or filing system error.
  • Program/Module usage.
  • Benchmark Performance Statistics.
No database information (Customers, Stock, Financials etc) is shared beyond any information that was being used at the time of the crash event.

For openness, the information that is shared can be viewed in the following logs stored on your Platinum System detailed below:

  • '\sx\sxco?\logs\CCYYMM-cr-event.xml'
  • '\sx\sxco?\logs\CCYYMM-perform.log'
  • '\sx\sxco?\logs\CCYYMM-cr32$err.log'
  • '\sx\sxco?\logs\CCYYMM-backup.log'
  • '\sx\sxco?\logs\CCYYMM-sx-login.log'
  • '\sx\sxco?\logs\CCYYMM-GR33HEAD.log'
  • '\sx\sxco?\logs\CCYYMM-RP83.log'

These logs are used by our support team when giving assistance to customers with a current rental or software maintenance agreement after a Platinum Crash.

How and When is it shared

  • Via a secure connection to our updates server when your Platinum confirms license details.


You may enable (default) or disable the sharing of the above information with Catalyst at any time by :

  • Click here to download the Platinum update file ('Platwin.exe').
  • Double click on 'Platwin.exe' that has been downloaded.
  • When the message appears asking if you want to run the software, click [Run].
  • A screen should appear saying "Welcome to the Platinum Setup Wizard".
  • Click the [No] button as you do not want to update Platinum.
  • The next screen will present you with a number of options.
  • Click the next to "Amend Platinum installation details".
  • Click the [Next>] button until you arrive at the page asking you if you wish to share information with Catalyst.
    • Choose 'No' if you do not want any information shared with Catalyst.
    • Choose 'Yes' if you want share information with Catalyst.
  • Click the [Next>] button until you arrive at the 'Installation Summary' page and click on [Install].
  • Click [Close] to close the installation program.
  • Your new sharing setting is now saved.
Important: The above procedure should be followed for each dataset (Company) whose sharing status you want to change.

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