Using the BMW EPC with Platinum

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This article explains how to use the BMW EPC with Platinum.

More Information

  • In the ETK Software, locate the relevant parts diagram for the bike you want.
  • Click the [i] icon to the left of part numbers to bring up a window that contains live price and quantity information from Platinum.
  • Clicking [Data alignment] on a parts list will fetch price and quantity information from Platinum for all the parts in the list.
However that this first prompts you for a "Customer" or "Order Number" to send to Platinum. Platinum does not use this information, but the BMW EPC will not let you continue unless you type something.
  • Go to " Parts List Send parts list to DMS as garage order". This will export the parts list to a file that can be imported into Platinum in " Stock Invoicing", "" Order Processing", etc. using the [Add pre-built list] button. Once again, you are asked for a "Job Number" and "Editor", which Platinum does not use, but you cannot continue until you type something.
  • Using the [Send to DMS] button on an Urgent Order or Stock Order will also export the parts list in the same way as above.

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