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The following article explains how to transfer parts from Kramp EPC into Platinum.

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Go to " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options System Administrator Platinum Settings"

  • Enter 'Kramp' in "Search on:"
  • There are two settings to configure to specify the location of the EPC's output file.
    • The "Import path" is the folder that Platinum will look in for the EPC's output file, 'C:\Kramp'.
    • The "Import file" is the name of the file Platinum will look for inside the "Import path" set above, 'Basket.csv'.
The EPC's output file will need to be in the same place on each machine that is using the link e.g. 'C:\Kramp\Basket.csv'

Kramp EPC Operation

Platinum Operation

Having selected your parts and saved them into a file in the configured location, you can now import these parts into Platinum.

The import of the items can be done from any point in Platinum where you are adding Stock Codes, and the same method is used in all places.

This example uses Workshop to explain how it is done.

  • Go to " Workshop Workshop Diary".
  • Search for a relevant workshop job.
  • Select the [Invoice Items] tab.
  • Click [Add].
At this point, the system is waiting for you to enter a "Stock Code", so it is from this point onwards that the import is the same wherever you are in Platinum.
  • Press <Alt+F6> - Add Pre-Built List. The items saved in the file will be loaded.
  • If you have not stocked any of the items previously, you will see the Shadow File pop-up. Copy the items as usual.
  • Check that the items loaded are correct.

Once you have successfully imported the file, it will be deleted to avoid you importing the items twice!

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