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This article explains how to use the Suzuki EPC to check your stock, prices and locations of items that you choose and how to transfer parts directly into Platinum.

More Information

If this facility is not already set up for you, Contact your Platinum dealer or our sales team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website sales contact page.

Suzuki Portal Operation

  • Log into the Suzuki Portal using your normal Suzuki supplied details:
  • When viewing parts diagrams, Right click a part in the right-hand list and choose "More Information" to pop up a window containing:
"Connection Name"
The Stock Depot this information is from. (If there are multiple stock depots stocking this part then they will all be listed.)
"Dealer Price"
Platinum sends the cost price.
"Retail Price"
Platinum sends the retail price excluding VAT for this price.
"Customer Price"
Platinum sends the retail price including VAT for this price.
"Bin Location"
Platinum sends the Stock Location at the Depot.
"Quantity on Hand"
Platinum sends the Stock Quantity at the Depot.
  • Right click a part in a Pick List and you have the same option of "More Information".
  • Click the [Send] button below the Pick List which exports the list of parts to a file ready to be picked up by Platinum.
  • Once you have chosen your parts and sent them to file, there are various areas within Platinum into which you can import directly.
  • Minimise or close the Suzuki portal window.

Platinum Details

  • Bring your Platinum Window back on screen.
  • Press <Alt+F6> or [EPC] button from the "Stock Code" field in " Invoicing & Customer Orders", " Point of Sale", " Add or Edit Sales Orders", " Add or Edit Purchase Orders", the Workshop parts entry areas (both Invoice and Estimate), and even from the Unit Sales Document Production area. Effectively this can be done from any area where you are compiling a list of stock items.

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