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You can add images of your Stock, Units, Sales and Purchase accounts.

Adding pictures of Stock and Units will enhance your presence on the web or to allow you to print out a pictorial fact sheet handout.

The maximum size of an image for use on your website is '256KB'. Adding images larger than this to records in Platinum may cause slowdown issues when loading the record. It is advised you make sure your images are not too large when you add them to Platinum.

More Information

You can attach any size of image to your system, the larger the image the better quality (images will be reduced in size automatically when you upload to the web via Platinum).

Images are backed up when you back up your data files - excessively large images may slow down your back up procedure or fill your back up media.
Platinum Online can upload images directly to Platinum from any smart phone or tablet.

Digital Camera

  • Make sure your camera is set to create '.jpg' files, once you have taken a picture we would suggest that you upload them to specific area of your machine as Platinum will remember the location of the last image you added.

Mobile Phone

  • If your Mobile phone can send images via bluetooth we would suggest you do this as your computer can be configured (if your computer doesn't have Bluetooth, contact our sales staff as we can provide bluetooth adapters) to place the uploaded files they receive via bluetooth in the same location, making it easy for you to add these images as Platinum will remember the location of the last image you added.

Catalyst FindIt & e-commerce

Any images uploaded to our FindIt server or to your e-commerce website will have the resolution optimised to aid the upload and download times of these images.

Adding Pictures

Once you have selected the stock, unit, customer, supplier or job to which you want to add an image, you will need to press the [Add File] button.

  • Choose " Image Files" from the list of file types that can be added.
  • You will now be asked for the location of the images (This location will be remembered for the next time you want to add an image - Always put your images to add to Platinum in one location).
  • Select if you want to [Move] or [Copy] the image (This will be remembered for next time). If you choose [Move], the original photo file will be deleted.
  • Choose the image (You can select the Thumbnails option to list the images in this location).
  • Your image will now be added to the end of the image list.

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