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This article explains how to add a video link to your Stock, Units, Sales & Purchase accounts, Workshop Jobs and Logistic Jobs.

The videos must be hosted on YouTube or Facebook.

More Information

Currently one video link per unit can be included in your data feed to FindIt. Other advertising sites may also restrict an advert to one video.

Additional videos can be included in a data feed as your web developer may wish to display more than one on your own website.

The facility to upload stock videos is in development. Watch this space.....!

Adding Videos

Once you have selected the stock, unit, customer, supplier or job to which you want to add an image, you will need to go to the [Media] or [Pictures] tab and click [Add Video].

  • Select the "Service" hosting the video, e.g. YouTube or Facebook.
  • Enter the appropriate URL into the "Link" field.
This needs to be the full address from the navigation bar for YouTube videos but can be the URL for a Facebook video.
A YouTube video needs to be marked as public to be able to view it.
  • You cannot specify a default video but you can specify which video is to be published i.e. available for upload to a website.

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