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The following article explains how to get started with Accounts.

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The accounting package in Platinum consists of Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and Nominal Ledger. These packages are integrated with the other Platinum modules to avoid having to re-key data and hence to increase efficiency and accuracy of information. The accounts package is capable of producing accounts through to trial balance level, including management accounts and budgeting.

Click here for a guide to the Platinum Default Nominal Structure.

This article also provides guidance on the automatic cost of sales feature of Platinum Nominal integration.

Regular processes and recommended procedures are listed below.

Creating Customer & Supplier Records

See Creating a new customer or supplier for standard account creation whether for a trade or retail account.

These articles provide guidance on specific types of accounts.

Handling Takings

See How should I deal with takings? for details on how to deal with takings.

Till Corrections

If your Daily Takings report does not agree with your actual takings in the till, see How to deal with end of day till corrections.

The Banking Journal

When you pay money into the bank, see The banking journal.

Posting Payments Received

See Posting payments received for details on how to post a receipt against a customer's account.

Posting Purchase Invoices

To enter supplier purchase invoices and credit notes, see Posting purchase invoices.

Paying a Supplier

See Paying suppliers for details on how to pay a supplier.

Printing off an Aged Debtors or Creditors Listing

See How do I print an aged debtor or creditor list? for details on how to print off an Aged Debtors or Creditors Listing.

Journal Entries

See Posting journals for details on how to post journals.

Reconciling your Bank Account

See Reconciling your bank account for details on how to reconcile your bank account.

Month End Procedure

For details on how to process a month end, see How to process a month end.

Regular Tasks

For procedures that you should carry out on a regular basis to maintain your system, please see Recommended accounting routines.

Based on our customers' experiences, carrying out these tasks regularly keeps your system tidy and accurate. This means that you can place your trust in the information that it provides, allowing you to focus on increasing the efficiency and profitability of your business.

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