How do I Invoice Multiple Sales Orders?

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In Sales Order Processing, you can process orders to the point of completion and then invoice multiple orders in the same invoice run. This can be useful for example if you are receiving your online orders into Platinum and want to invoice them all at the end of the day.

More Information

  • Follow this article on processing your sales order up to the point where it is ready to invoice.
  • Once you have processed all of your orders, go to " Sales Order Processing Order Invoicing".
  • From here you have two choices for invoicing all orders : Invoice All (Interactive) and Invoice all (Automatic).
Be careful here. Once you have started the process, you are committed to producing all the invoices.
    • Invoice all (Automatic) - <Alt+F6> - where the deposit fully covers the value of the invoice, the invoice will be printed and the deposit automatically allocated. If any documents require additional payments they will be skipped. This option will skip any accounts with a status set.
    • Invoice all (Interactive) - <F6> - This option will produce invoices for all eligible accounts and automatically allocate any deposits found up to the value of the invoice. For Cash Sale accounts where there are no deposits found or the deposits do not fully cover the value of the invoice you will be prompted with the Payments screen to pay the remaining balance.

This option will also give you the choice of how to deal with accounts with a status set:

      • 'Yes' - override all statuses on all accounts (providing your security level allows this).
      • 'No' - skip any accounts with a status set. You will need to process these individually after the invoice run.
      • 'Prompt' - continue but display an account status if set to allow you to choose whether to override or not.
  • Depending on the number of invoices you are producing you may find it useful to run the Invoice all (Automatic), <Alt+F6>, first to produce the majority of invoices and then use the Invoice all (Interactive), <F6>, to produce the invoices where you need to take additional payments.

Printing Invoices for one Account

If you have processed multiple sales orders for a single account, it is possible to produce all invoices for just this account.

  • Go to " Sales Order Processing Order Invoicing".
  • Press <F4> to open the Customer Invoice Summary. This will show you a list of all accounts with orders eligible to invoice.
  • Highlight the account for which you want to produce an invoice and click [Choose].
    • To produce an invoice for all eligible items on the account, press <F5> to start the invoice process.
    • To produce one invoice for a number of delivery notes on the account, click into the "Delivery note" field and press <Shift+F2>. You can now enter up to 10 different delivery note numbers to invoice. Once you have entered the delivery note numbers, click [OK] and then press <F5> to start the invoice process.
  • If the customer is a cash sales account, you will be taken to the Payments screen to enter the payment method for the invoiced items, and then the invoice will be printed. If the customer has a credit account with you, the invoice will simply be printed.
    • Select the payment method for the invoice if you are dealing with a cash account and then click [Post] or press <F7>.

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