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This article explains how to process a sales order.

More Information

Go to " Sales Ordering Add/Edit/Process Sales Orders".

  • At "Customer:" type in the customer's account code if known, or search for a customer.
  • Move to the relevant order and press <F7> to go to the order items.

Depending on how you want to operate and how your system has been set up, some of the following processes may not be applicable.

The four columns to the right of the screen indicate the processes the order could go through before it can be invoiced. The asterisk indicates that the process has not yet been carried out, and must be done before the order can be invoiced.

Confirming the Order

If you wish to print a Confirmation Note for the customer, tag the relevant items on the order by pressing <T> against each item. If you wish to tag all the items, press <A> to tag all lines automatically.

  • Press <F3> to print all tagged items and press <Enter>.
Information: Confirmations of order can be useful especially for export customers. Sending the wrong items abroad can be expensive!

Printing a Picking List

If you wish to print a Picking List, tag the relevant items on the order by pressing <T> against each item. If you wish to tag all the items, press <A> to tag all lines automatically. Press <F4> to print all tagged items and press <Enter>.

Booking Items out of Stock - Complete

After picking the items, you now need to book them out of stock, or "complete" them.

  • Tag each individual item that you have picked by pressing <T> against it.
    • Press <U> to untag an item if tagged by mistake.
    • Press <A> to tag all lines automatically if all items have been picked.
  • Press <F7> to complete all tagged items and press <Enter>.
  • If prompted, enter the name of the user who picked the order.
  • If required enter the "Picking bin" the items have been allocated to.
    • Click the drop down button to choose from your picking bins.
      • Click [Add] to create a new picking bin location. Enter a code (max 3 characters) and description then click [Done] and [Accept].

The item will change from being highlighted in Green to being Purple to denote the item has been booked out of stock.

If for any reason you need to uncomplete an item on an order you can simply press <F7> again on it and then click [Yes] on the "Confirm Uncomplete?" window that appears. The item will change back to being highlighted in Green and will be able to be edited again.

Printing a Delivery Note

  • Tag the items to be delivered by pressing <T> against each item. Make sure you don't tag any items with an asterisk still in the "CP" column as these have not been booked out.
  • To print a delivery note without any prices and totals, press <F8>.
  • To print a delivery note with prices and totals, press <Shift+F8>.

Invoicing the Sales Order

Once all the relevant processes above have been carried out, you can then invoice the order.

  • Press <Alt+F5> to invoice this order.

You will see a summary of the number of items ready to be invoiced on the right of the screen.

Extra Options:

To give the customer a discount on the whole order or to apply a settlement discount to the invoice, select the "Discount type" and choose either 'Blanket' or 'Settlement' as required. Enter the percentage discount to apply in the "Discount" field, and for a 'Settlement', the settlement period in days.
To add carriage to the order, enter the required amount against "Carriage" excluding VAT. Remember that you can add carriage as a part number to the order if preferred.
Invoice per Delivery Note
To produce one invoice per Delivery Note, select "Print by del. note" and set to 'Yes'.
Printing Backorders
You may choose to print items still on order by setting the "Print back orders" flag to 'Yes'. Please be aware this will print all items still waiting to be processed on outstanding orders for this customer not just items on the order you are invoicing.
  • To specify a delivery address for the invoice, as well as to enter any custom details to appear on there (varies according to your setup), select the [Delivery] tab.
  • To take payment for this order, select the [Payment] tab and select the appropriate method of payment.
  • Press <F5> to print the invoice.
  • Press <Accept> to accept the document.

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