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The following article explains how to create a stock sales order using Sales Order Processing.

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Creating the Sales Order

Go into " Sales Order Processing Add/Edit/Process Sales Orders".

  • At "Customer:" type in the customer's account code if known, or search for a customer.
  • To create a new order press [Add] or if there are no orders for the customer, the system will start creating an order for you, dropping you onto "Order No.:" and automatically finding the next order number for you.
  • At "Customer order no.:" enter the customer's order number, if applicable, and press <Enter>.
  • The "Reference:" is your reference. This will automatically default to the Account Code of the customer and the Order Number, however you may override this if you wish. This is defaulted because the reference can be used to link purchase order items back to this order.
When booking stock into the system, you can print a Goods Received Note. At the end of each line there is a Reference field. If the order you are booking in has been created by running a system reorder report then it will show the sales order reference as described above, which means you can process the order more quickly than having to work out for whom you ordered the parts manually.
  • At "Delivery name:", enter the delivery address if it is different to the invoice address, or if you need it to be printed on Delivery Notes.
  • Press [Items] or <Page-Down> to proceed to the [Items] tab. You will be placed on the first line in the "Stock Code" column.
  • Enter the "Stock Code" and press <Enter>.
  • Enter the "Quantity" and press <Enter>.
  • Repeat the above until you have entered all the items that the customer has ordered.
  • Press <Esc> and [Accept] to exit and save the order.
See Processing a Sales Order to complete and invoice the order.

Ordering the Parts

If you wish to create a Purchase Order for the items from within this Sales Order, move the cursor to the far left of the line you wish to order under the "*" column.

  • Press <T> against all lines you wish to order.
  • Press <Shift+F6> and then press <Enter>.
  • At the "Supplier:", enter the supplier's account code or search for a supplier.
  • Press <F2> to create the Purchase Order and process it in the usual way.

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