How do I Set a Minimum Purchase Order Value?

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This article explains how to set a minimum purchase order value for suppliers.

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Suppliers can impose a minimum order value on you, either as an absolute figure below which they will not accept the order, or as a figure which the order value must exceed to avoid paying carriage or to get preferential carriage rates.

These settings are held against a supplier.

Go to " Purchase Ledger Supplier File Maintenance Add or Edit Suppliers".

  • Go to the [Ordering] tab.
  • Set the "Minimum Order Value" as necessary.
  • Choose whether this needs to be 'Absolute' or 'Carriage'.


When you are reviewing the purchase order items for this supplier, the "Nett" total will be highlighted in Red (or your standard warning colour) if the "Nett" is below the minimum order value for the supplier. You can then choose whether to place the order anyway or hold it back until you have exceeded the minimum value.

You may wish to apply a status to the supplier account to prompt you, on entry to their orders, that you need to carefully check any orders before sending them. See this article.

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