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This article explains how to create a Purchase Order via Purchase Order Processing.

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When you want to order stock, you must create a purchase order for it. This will allow you to enter an entire order, track any back orders with your supplier and gives much better control for the accounts department.

There are a number of methods by which a purchase order can be created.

  • Enter the order items manually.
  • Run the Reorder Report, and create the order from there.
  • Pick up customer orders that have been created automatically from either over-the-counter sales or the workshop.

Creating a Manual Purchase Order

Go to " Purchase Order Processing Add/Edit/Process Purch. Orders".

  • Enter the supplier account code, or search for the supplier.
    • If your supplier applies a minimum order value or charges carriage unless a minimum value is met this can be configured on the supplier account. See this article.
If there are no orders outstanding for this supplier you will be taken to the "Order No." field. However if you already have purchase orders for this supplier, press [Add] to create a new order.
  • The system will assign a unique order number automatically, however if you want to use a different number you may replace the system assigned number with your own.
  • Enter a supplier order number if applicable.
  • Enter the name and address to which to deliver the goods, if different to your company address. Press <F3> if you wish to save the address.
  • Press [Items] or <Page-Down> to access the order items listing. Your cursor will placed on the first line in the "Stock Code" column.
  • Enter the code of the first item to order. If you need to find an item there are various search facilities available from this field.
    • If the item you enter is in the Shadow File, the "Stock Shadow Maintenance" box will appear. Press <Shift+F5> to copy the item to your main stock file. Edit the details as usual i.e. enter the 'Stock Group', check the 'Vat Rate' and set the 'Centre' then choose [Done] and [Accept] to return to the order.
You can create or modify a supplier record for your stock code from here by pressing <Alt+F10>. You can enter all the usual supplier details including the 'Supplier's Stock Code', 'Priority' and 'Price'. Remember that the system will automatically create a supplier record against your stock item when you receive the item into stock, but it will not add the supplier's stock code for you.
If you have added the 'Supplier's Stock Code' previously, you can enter that code here and press <F2> to translate this into your stock code.
  • The description will be filled in when the stock code is chosen. To enter a non-stock item on the order e.g. 'Carriage', you can leave "Stock Code" blank and simply enter a description.
  • The unit cost to you will be displayed. This is the most recent price you paid for the item or the manufacturer's usual cost price. If you haven't bought this item before, the cost may be blank. Make sure you enter the price. When you book the stock in, you will have the opportunity to check the price again and alter it if necessary.
  • Enter the quantity to purchase. If this is below the supplier's Pack Quantity, you will be prompted to increase your order quantity to the nearest multiple of the Pack Quantity.
  • Enter the next stock code and repeat the process until all the items that you want to order have been entered.
  • To save the Purchase Order, press <Esc> and [Accept].

Create Purchase Orders Using the Reorder Report

See this article to understand how to create a purchase order from this area.

Customer Ordering

How do I Order Parts for a Customer? - This article provides links to the steps for creating orders for items requested by customers whether over the counter, via the phone or for a workshop job.

On the standard Platinum system, when ordering parts, your system will generate a purchase order automatically. If it does not, then using the Reorder Report as per the previous section will create the purchase order.

The purchase order will be created either on the preferred supplier of the item or in the Unallocated Orders account (normally 'POP001').

If it is on the preferred supplier, then the items will be added to the first unprocessed purchase order on the current date else a new order created.

Items added to the Unallocated Orders account need to be transferred out of this holding account and into an existing or new order for the correct supplier for the relevant items.

If you are unsure of the method your system is using please Contact your Platinum dealer or our support team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website support contact page for advice.

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