How do I clear locked users?

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There are occasions during day to day use where you may find yourself being kicked out of Platinum while entering data, for example, by a power cut. If this happens, in some circumstances, the record that you are creating or using will become locked. This article explains how to remove the "Dead users" from Platinum and unlock the files in use.

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We suggest this is done at the end of a day as in most cases all users need to be out of the system to allow the clear-down to be done. This will also allow the backup to run through without any files being locked.

If you are on the latest version of the Platinum system, this screen will be cleared automatically when you enter it. Click here for help on downloading and running a Platinum update.

Example of "Record in Use" message

If, for example you are invoicing an account and you have a power cut, the next time you go into an account you would get an error message with the following wording:

The record you requested is currently in use. You
will be able to use this record when it becomes

You may press any (or the Quit) button to
discontinue waiting.

This record is in use by user JOE BLOGGS, at station

This tells you that the "Dead User" is Joe Bloggs and they were working on PC1 at the time of the crash. This will help when finding the correct user in the steps below.

Clearing Users

Go to " Reports & Settings User Monitor Screen".

  • This will show a list of all the users Platinum registered as logged in, and will clear any locked users as it loads.

If you now go back to the locked record, everything should work correctly.

Locked Logistics Jobs

If you follow these steps and the users you are clearing are in Logistics Management and you still have a problem, you may also need to unlock your Logistics job records.

This can be done by following this Knowledge Base article.

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