What are Browser Daemon control entries on my user monitor?

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This article explains what the 'Browser Daemon Control' entries that are in your user monitor screen that you may not recognise.

More Information

Go to " Reports & Settings User Monitor Screen".


If only one user (called "User") is logged into the system you should see entries like the ones below:

????	(~W)Daemon	Browser Daemon Control	XX/XX/2XXX	SERVERPC
????	(~W)Daemon	Browser Daemon Control	XX/XX/2XXX	SERVERPC
????	(01)User	User Monitor Screen	XX/XX/2XXX	MYPCNAME


The two 'Browser Daemon Control' users shown in the list above are not users physically logged in the system, nor are they malicious in anyway

For example they are NOT people using your WIFI or a virus.

These are processes opened by your Platinum server PC to allow links to your Mobile device, website and email sending routines to work. There will generally only be one or two instances of these logged in, depending how many users you have using mobile devices and\or how busy your website is at the time.

Handy Hint

These entries with automatically be dealt with by the update\backup process and will not imped these processes in any way.

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