How do I include images in emails?

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You can store up to 50 images online and include them in emails sent from Platinum.

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When you send an email from Platinum there are two fields that allow you to include images in the message.

  • "Top image:" will appear at the top, above the message.
  • "Bottom:" will appear at the bottom, below the message.

These can be used, say, to include graphical headers and footers in your messages.

You will need a Platinum O account to allow our server to host your email images for this feature to function. Contact your Platinum dealer or our sales team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website sales contact page for further details.

To include an image in your message

  • Click on the "Top image:" or "Bottom:" drop-down arrow and choose the image you want from the list.
  • A small preview of the image will appear to the right.

To upload a new image

  • Choose the 'Manage...' option or click the [...] button.
  • A list of the current images will appear.
  • You can click on an image in the list to see a larger preview, or click the [Open] button to see the image at the size it will appear in an email.
  • Click the [Add] button to upload a new image.
  • Use the file search browser to find the image you want to upload and click [OK].
  • The new image will appear in the list and you can click the [Choose] button to close the window and return to the email window.

To remove an image

  • If an image is no longer needed it can be removed by clicking the [Remove] button.
  • However be aware that emails that you have already sent using this image will no longer view properly if the recipient tries to look at it again, so you should wait an appropriate amount of time before removing an image.

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