How do I set up Platinum shortcuts on a new PC?

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The following article explains how to install the shortcuts for Platinum Software onto a new PC.

More Information

To follow the steps in this article, you will need to have the machine in question attached to your network and a network drive mapped to the server with the same drive letter as the other PC's (e.g. Drive letter P: mapped to \\Server\Public). The same instructions will also work for a stand-alone PC, but the drive letter will be different, and in most cases, will be Drive C:.

  • Browse your Network Drive (P:) and go into the 'SX' folder, then into the 'SXUTILS' folder.
  • Find an icon that says 'SXSetup.exe' and left click it twice.
  • This may ask you for the Platinum installation location. Enter it (e.g. P:\Sx) in the white box or use the [Browse...] button to find this and then once found click [Next].
  • At "Welcome to the Platinum Setup Wizard", click the [No] button as you do not want to run an update at this stage.
  • You will now see several options with tick boxes next to them. Click the square box next to "Install Platinum Shortcuts" and click [Next].
  • The program will now install your Platinum Shortcuts.
  • Click the [Close] button to finish.

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