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Sometimes it may be necessary to change a system Report Generator report. You may want to add or report information from the report.

You cannot edit a system report as any changes that you make will be overwritten when you next run a Platinum Program update. You can copy a system report which will then be saved as a user report which may then be edited.
  • User reports are never overwritten by a Program Update.

More Information

  • Go to the Report Generator that the system report is installed.
  • Click [Search].
  • Highlight the report you want to copy and press <Alt+F8> "Copy".
  • Choose a new three letter "Report code" and "Description" for the copied report.
  • Click [OK].
  • Highlight the newly created user report and press <F5> to edit the report and make the changes required.

Using the Report

In order for these changes to take effect it may be necessary to the change some system setting to use this new user report.
To change the "Depot Movements List" in the "Stock Control" you need to do the above on the report 'MOV' in the Stock Control Report Generator, in order for the Stock Control to use the new user report you will need to amend the stock setting. Go to " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options System Administrator Platinum Settings" and change the 'S' to a 'U' for the "Depot Movements List".

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