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You can add files (PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, etc.) to your Stock, Units, Sales and Purchase accounts and more in Platinum.

More Information

You can attach many types of file to various records in your system.

Files are backed up when you back up your data - excessively large files may slow down your back up procedure or fill your back up media.

Adding Files

  • Select the stock, unit, customer, supplier or job, etc. to which you want to add a file.
  • Go to the "Media" tab.
  • Press the [Add File] button.
  • From the "Files of type" option choose the type of file that you want to add. You can currently choose from:
    'Image Files'
    Many types of image files are supported, e.g. .jpg and .png.
    'PDF/XPS Files'
    Scans or printout files.
    'Document Files'
    Documents such as Microsoft Word files.
    'Spreadsheet Files'
    Spreadsheets and workbooks such as Microsoft Excel files.
    'Presentation Files'
    Presentation files such as Microsoft Powerpoint files.
    'Audio Files'
    Compressed audio files such as .mp3 and .m4a files.
  • You will now be asked for the location of the files to add (This location will be remembered for the next time you want to add a file).
  • Select if you want to [Move] or [Copy] the file (This will be remembered for next time). If you choose [Move], the original file will be deleted.
  • Choose the file.
  • Your file will now be added to the end of the list.

Adding Pictures

See also another article specifically about adding pictures.

Adding Videos

See also another article specifically about adding videos.

Viewing Previews

Platinum will show a preview of an attached file on screen if supported for that file type.

Images, videos, PDFs, documents and spreadsheets can all usually be previewed, although for some files it depends on you having associated software installed on your PC.
  • For example PDF files can be previewed only if you also have 'Adobe Reader DC' installed on your PC.

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