How do I Highlight Priority Customers?

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This article explains how to use the Personnel Planning system to highlight customers within the Tasks Outstanding screen.

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When viewing a list of tasks, it may be useful to highlight specific customers to draw attention to them, e.g. to ensure they are contacted as a priority.

This can be achieved manually by assigning a specific task type to a message or using an automated system which can override the colour of a task regardless of the task type.


  • Create a Task Type such as 'QUI - Quick Response' and assign a bright background colour to it. Follow this article for instructions on creating tasks.
  • When you create a task, it should then stand out from the other tasks.


This option utilises a report that is designed to alter a task type based on an attribute assigned to a customer.

This option requires the following Task Types to exist:

  • 'TEL - Telephone'
  • 'EMA - Email Required'
  • 'QUI - Quick Response'

and this Customer Attribute:

  • 'PRI - Priority Customer'
The report can be configured to run based on the Task Types and Customer Attributes of your choice but you will need to Contact your Platinum dealer or our support team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website support contact page. There may be a charge for configuration.

In Practice

  • Assign the 'Priority Customer' attribute to a customer.
  • In Tasks Outstanding, create a task for that customer with the Task Type set to 'TEL' or 'EMA'.
  • Enter any notes for the task as usual.
  • Click [Done] and [Accept].
  • The task will automatically change to 'PRI - Priority Customer' and the background colour will alter to the colour assigned to 'PRI'.

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