How do I create a report sort order?

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This article explains how to create the "Sort Order" in the Report Generator.

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Note: The "Sort Order" is NOT what will appear on the report itself. It controls the ORDER in which the items on the report will be shown.

To create the "Sort Order", enter the variables required down the left hand side of the screen in the order that you want the report to appear. These variables are just a shorthand way of referring to the information that you have entered for customers, suppliers, stock codes, units, units and so on. See What is a report generator variable? for more details.

The variables that you enter into the "Sort Order" must return a different result for every record that you want to include in your report, otherwise items will get missed as the system will consider that it has found them already and will ignore them.



  • Press <Shift+F2> to search for the relevant variables. Which variables to use will be determined by the report you are trying to create.


  • This field picks up the size of the variable automatically. Whilst you can edit this, it should not be necessary under most circumstances.


  • This field can be set to 'F' - Forward or 'R' - Reverse. This will sort this variable either from smallest to largest or largest to smallest.


  • This field is a 'Yes'/'No' choice and is only accessible if the "Group" field is set. Group and Column Headings will be printed each time the variable referenced by the group changes if this is set to 'Yes'.


This field is set by pressing <Shift+F3> from anywhere on the line with the variable by which you want to group the report. You can have up to nine levels of grouping within a report. Grouping allows you to enter headings for that group and to get totals for the group.

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