How do I make a Customer Exempt of VAT?

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This article explains how to setup a customer to be exempt of V.A.T. when invoicing.

More Information

This will be a rare occurrence - if you are registered for V.A.T. yourself, then most supplies that you make to your customers will be either 'Standard' or 'Zero' rated.
This would be used for internal charges or customers such as those registered under the Motability scheme.

Configuring the Account

Go to " Sales Ledger Customer File Maintenance Add or Edit Customers" and Search for the Customer.

  • Once the desired customer has been found, click [Edit] and go to the [Invoicing] tab.
  • At the "V.A.T. Rate:", select '3-Exempt'.
  • Press <Esc>.
  • Click [Accept] to save the changes.
Everything that is sold to this customer in the future will be charged without V.A.T. and will not form part of your vatable turnover.

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