How do I reverse a Payment to a Supplier?

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Sometimes it is necessary to reverse a payment e.g. if you have paid the wrong item or the cheque has been lost in the post.

More Information

Go into " Purchase Ledger Payments".

  • At the "Supplier:", type in the supplier's code if known, or search for the supplier.
  • Use the "Mode:" to select "All Documents".
  • Select the document you want to reverse.
  • To reverse a payment against an invoice press the <minus> key and then the amount to reverse (To reverse a payment against a credit note just enter the amount).
  • Press [Done].
  • Enter the date for the reversal, usually today.
  • In the "Cheque no./Comment:" field, enter the cheque number or suitable comment.
  • In the "Payment centre:", enter the centre to which the reversal is to go e.g. 'Z992 - Current Bank Account'.
  • Press [Done] then choose [Accept]. You are now able to go back in and pay the invoice off with the new cheque or leave it unpaid until your next payment run.

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