How do I see the Details of my Outstanding Sales Orders?

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This article explains how to get a report of the details of all the outstanding sales orders on your system.

More Information

Go to " Order Processing Sales Ordering Order Reports Sales Order Reports Status of Items on Order".

This is a printed report, which may be quite long. It is only available as a printout and will print all existing outstanding orders you have. It is good for getting a breakdown of the information seen in the "Account Summary" screen that you get by pressing <F4> from the "Account Code" in " Sales Ordering Add/Edit/Process Orders".

Report Output Example

Ord No Code   Acc Name      Stk Code     Stk Desc      Qty  Cf. Pi. Cp. Del
211    CON001 Mr John Smith TEST PART 2  Test Part 2    1   *   *   *   *

The Last 4 codes in the final columns stand for

  • "Cf." - Order Confirmed Printed? (Turned off as default)
  • "Pi." - Picking List Printed?
  • "Cp." - Completion Done? (i.e. the items have been booked out of stock)
  • "Del" - Delivery Note Printed?

Any column with an asterisk (*) underneath shows that this step is yet to be done. Once a step has been done, the asterisk (*) will disappear and once all the asterices (*) have been removed, the order can then be invoiced. Once this is done, the order will be archived and will no longer appear on this report.

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