How to deal with sales to EU countries and V.A.T. reporting

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This article will explain how to deal with Sales outside the UK.

From January 1st 2021 the way sales to customers outside the UK are treated on the VAT return is changing. Please ensure your Platinum version is dated 13th April 2021 or later. Click here for instructions on how to update your Platinum system.

See Preparing for Brexit with Platinum for more information.

More Information

If you are selling goods to countries outside the UK then your customers need to be set up in a specific way:

  • Search for the customer and click [Edit].
  • Select the [Invoicing] tab.
  • Select their Country from the drop down menu.
    • The "EC Member?" flag to the right will default based on the country chosen.
  • Enter their "V.A.T. Reg" number if they have supplied it.
  • Remove the code from the "Currency" field unless you intend to use the currency conversion program, within Platinum.
All transactions will be produced in your base currency e.g. GBP although can be converted to the customer currency on printed documents. See Dealing with currency accounting in Platinum? for more information.
  • Check the customer "Default V.A.T. Rate" is correct. This will be defaulted based on the country you choose to enter.
From January 1st 2021 you may need to amend the default VAT Rate set against your EC customers. Previously the VAT Rate would only change to Zero rated if you had the customer's VAT Registration number. See this article for advice.
Please ensure your Platinum system is dated 13.4.2021 or later. The Nett sales value will be posted to Box 6 of your VAT return.

EC Sales Report

If you need to produce an EC sales report please follow these steps.

Go to " Systems/Accounts Reports & Settings Reports Accounts Report Generator".

  • Enter 'EC' and press <Enter>.
  • Select the 'EC Sales Report' and click [Start].
  • Enter your date range and click [Start].
  • Click [Print] or select to "View report as"'Table'.
    • Press <Ctrl+P> and select [Excel] to output the results into an Excel file.
  • Click [Close] or press <Esc> to exit the report.
If you do not have this report please Contact your Platinum dealer or our support team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website support contact page.

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