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This article explains an alternative way of creating a Invoice or Credit Note in Stock Control.

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Go to " Stock Control Invoicing & Customer Orders".

  • At "Customer", enter or search for the customer's account code. If you are selling in a shop environment, you might want to leave this as the Default Invoice Account.
  • Enter the stock items by the usual methods including typing in the code, pressing <F1> or <Shift+F1> to scroll through your stock file, pressing <Ctrl+F1> to search for an item by entering part of the description, scanning the barcode on the item or pulling in a list of items from an electronic parts catalogue.
If you intend to produce a credit note, simply enter the item quantity as negative. Do NOT enter the price as negative, just the quantity.
The stock quantities on the shelf and available to sell along with the location of the item are shown to the right of the screen. The system will warn you if are trying to sell something that is out of stock, but you can carry on and invoice this out, pushing the stock quantity negative. If you want to avoid this, click the [Backorder] button, which can be found on the tool-bar at the top of the screen, or press <Shift+F3> to order the items that are out of stock - see Dealing with Backorders in Invoicing and Customer Orders.
  • Once you have entered all the items and you are ready to produce the document, press <F7> or the [Invoice] button.
  • You will be presented with a "Document Control" popup window.
  • At "Document type", you can choose the type of document you want to produce.
    • Choose 'Full Invoice/Credit Note' to print a hard copy and then save as a Full A4 invoice.
    • Choose 'Slip Print' to print a hard copy and then save as a slip print (If you have a Slip Printer).
If you require a delivery address, you should fill it in here.
It is on this screen you can also add any carriage costs, blanket\settlement discount on the whole invoice, account analysis codes or special invoice comments.
  • Once you are ready press <F7> or [Document] to finalise the document.
  • This will bring up the Payment screen, if the customer is not set to be an account customer and it will ask how you'll be taking the payment.
  • Select the method of payment and click [Post].
  • This will print the document.
  • Click [Accept] to complete the document.

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