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This article explains how to raise invoices and credit notes for parts, accessories, clothing and other stock items using Point of Sale.

More Information

Go to " Stock Control Point of Sale".

  • At the "Employee:", enter your Employee code (usually your initials) and press <Enter>.
  • Scan or type in the Stock Code that you want to sell and press <Enter>. If you do not know the stock code then type a description of the item you want to sell and press <Enter>. This will perform a search from which you can choose.
  • Enter the quantity, check the price and click [Add].
    • Alternatively click [Quick] and choose from the quick sale buttons. See this article to create buttons.
  • Repeat the above steps until all the items are listed.
Items in stock and available to sell will be in one colour, while items not available are in a different colour. See here if not all items are in stock.
  • Ensure the "Customer:" is either "COU001" Default Counter Sales or you have created an account for customer. Please see How do I find a customer?.
  • Click [Checkout] to finish and take the payment.
  • Choose the method of payment by clicking the relevant box "A,B,C" and click [Post] to print and accept the invoice.

Other Information

Applying a Discount

A Line Discount
  • Click onto the stock line to which you want to apply a discount and click [Edit].
  • Enter the percentage discount and click [Done] to save the changes.
Blanket Discount
  • Underneath the "Customer:" is the "Discount:" enter the percentage discount as appropriate. This will be applied to all items shown.

Price Seeker

This feature rounds up or rounds down the Total Retail Price of a line item or the whole invoice so that you can charge a fixed price. This has the advantage of adjusting the price of all the chosen stock lines so that the change is spread evenly and not just on one stock line.

  • Enter the parts required accordingly as described above.
  • Before you check out and after you enter the correct customer, click [Target].
If you change the customer after you have targeted the price, the system changes the price back to default, because the new customer may be on a different pricing regime.
  • Press [Tag] and tag each stock line that you want to include in your targetting.
  • Click [Seek].
  • Enter the total into the "Price Seek Total:" box because this is far quicker than trying to work out the nett, unless you already know the nett.
  • Click [Calculate] and [Done].
  • Click [Accept]
  • Proceed to check out accordingly with the new prices.

Credit Previous Sale

You can quickly credit a previous sale using this option, which searches for an invoice number and returns all the items into the Point of Sale ready to be credited, rather than entering each stock line manually.

  • Change the Customer to the customer account that the items were sold to and click <F3> "Credit Previous Sales".
  • It defaults to today's date, so click [Advanced] to enter a different date or search the document/invoice number.
  • Click [Choose] to proceed to credit the invoice.
  • This will enter all the parts on with negative quantities.
Make sure that all items that you want to credit are shown. If there were non-moving items on the original invoice, they may be ignored when you credit the invoice.
  • If all items are to be credited then check out or remove items accordingly and then check out.

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