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Each column on your report can contain a different 'type' of information.

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Column Types

File Variable

These extract information from your database such as Stock Codes, Transactions etc. Use <Shift+F2> when entering a variable to browse the available list.

See the Report Generator category for an overview of the variables in the Report Generator.


This column type will allow you to have the text result of a formula.

$UPSTR{A03} would convert all the characters in the company name to upper case.

You can 'add' text together (concatenate) using the '+' character.

  • "Hello" + " World" would be output as "Hello World".
  • $UPSTR{"Hello" +" "+"World"} would be output as "HELLO WORLD".
  • "Account Code:" + A02 would append the account code to the end of "Account Code:" to produce "Account Code:ABC001" (if the account code was 'ABC001').


This column type allows you to perform numeric calculations.

Document Total T11 + T12 will add the Nett & V.A.T. of a document to give the Gross amount of the document.


Enter any literal text you want to appear on the report in this column type.

A short cut for having a 'Text' column type as it will work out the width of the text entered. If you were quoting text in a 'Text' column type you will need to encase your text in quotes. e.g. "Profit :" if you missed the quotes you would get an error.


Format the resulting date using your configured date format.

A short cut for having a 'Text' column type and using the DATE$ function.

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