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Platinum has the option to link to an external shipping service. Those currently available are listed below.

More Information

You must liaise with your chosen service to create an account. They will then provide you with credentials for your chosen service. This article explains the configuration within Platinum to enable the link.

Only services listed below are currently available.

Intelligent Shipper

Enter the credentials for Intelligent Shipper by Intersoft in " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options System Administrator Platinum Settings"

  • Enter 'Shipper' in the "Search on" field then click [Search].
  • Complete the following fields by clicking on each and clicking [Edit]. Click [Done] for each once you have entered the correct data.
    • "Intelligent Shipper application ID".
    • "Intelligent Shipper user ID".
    • "Intelligent Shipper password".
    • "RMG posting location".
    • "Default carrier service" - Select your default service type here. Click the drop down arrow to see the available services.
  • Click into the "Search on" field then enter "Carrier" and click [Search].
  • Select "Dispatch preferred carrier" then click [Edit].
  • Enter the supplier account code for your default shipping service e.g. 'ROY001' - Royal Mail Group.
    • Press <Ctrl+F1> to search for a supplier account or press <Shift+F10> to create a new supplier record.
  • Click [Done].
You may choose an alternative carrier when dispatching goods e.g. if you choose to send them via a local courier.
  • Click [Done] to save your settings.

Configure Carrier Settings

Follow this article to create or edit the supplier account code for the carrier to link to the Intelligent Shipper service.

  • Go to the [Ordering] tab in the supplier record.
  • Click the "Carrier Link" and select 'Intelligent Shipper'.
  • You may select your preferred "Carrier service" from the dropdown menu.
  • Click [Done] and [Accept].
Please see How do I process a sales order through Sales Order Dispatch? to process your sales orders. How do I dispatch sales orders via a shipping service? will provide details on the additional options which are only available when a shipping service is in use.

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