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The following article explains how to get started with Booking and Hire.

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Creating Hire Items

Hire items can be linked to your Unit Sales or Stock Control modules to allow you to link to existing unit and Stock records. Alternatively they can be created without a link to a module.

Creating Price Plans and Rates

Pricing can be set per item, item type or as a general setting. It can be customised per season and calculated based on the items and dates applied to a booking.

Bookings and Enquiries

Enquiries and Customer Bookings can be added to the system through " Add or Edit Customer Bookings".

The following articles will guide you through the steps involved in a booking from taking a deposit through to producing the final invoice.

Refunds and Security

These articles guide you through how to refund a deposit, how to issue a security invoice and how to retain a security deposit, in the event of damage or loss to your hire items.

Hire Item Availability

These articles explain how to create activity types to suit your business, e.g. Cleaning, Repairs, Staff hire etc and how to show items as unavailable for hire.

Customising your Hire System

The system is issued with standard settings which you may wish to tailor to suit your business, e.g. the default Hire Period, Booking Statuses, default Deposit amounts etc.

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