How do I Refund a Stock Deposit?

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This article explains how to refund a deposit taken in the Stock Control system.

More Information

Deposits can be refunded in either " Point of Sale", " Invoicing & Customer Orders" or, for deposits taken against a sales order e.g. for mail order, via " Sales Order Processing Add/Edit/Process Sales Orders". The initial method of finding the deposit to refund varies slightly between the three options.

Point of Sale

Go to " Stock Control Point of Sale".

  • Press <Alt+F3> - Refund Deposits.
  • Press <F2> to start the refund process.

Invoicing & Customer Orders

Go to " Stock Control Invoice & Customer Orders".

  • Press <F2> or click [Deposits].
  • Press <F2> to start the refund process.

Add/Edit/Process Sales Orders

Go to " Sales Order Processing Add/Edit/Process Sales Orders".

  • At "Customer:" type in the customer's account code if known, or search for a customer.
  • Move to the relevant order and press <F7> to go to the order items.
  • Press <F2> or click [Deposits].
  • Press <F2> to start the refund process.

Refund Process

  • Choose your customer or leave the field blank if you want to display all outstanding deposits.
  • Click [Search] to list all relevant deposits.
  • Select the deposit to refund and click {[Button|Choose}}.
  • Select [Yes] to refund the selected deposit.
  • The "Payment Type" will default to the original method.
  • Click [Done] and choose [Receipt] to produce a receipt for the customer.
If you are refunding a deposit which was placed through the Stock Control system with a customer order, you will be asked if you wish to "Remove orders associated with this deposit/reference?". Choosing [Yes] will ensure the customer order is deleted which will remove any link to the items they had ordered. You will no longer be able to retrieve their order.
Please be aware that purchase orders allocated to a specific supplier cannot be automatically removed. Any such orders will require specific removal elsewhere within the software. They should only be removed if delivery can be cancelled, this will require communication with the supplier beyond the scope of this software.

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